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May 2016 Archives

What Option is Best: Short Sale, Deed in Lieu or Foreclosure?

When facing a mortgage foreclosure, or even the possibility of a mortgage foreclosure, borrowers should ask: "What options are best for me and my family?" At Yesner Law, we will take time to explore these options for free with a concerned homeowner, whether they are in foreclosure, on the path to foreclosure, or see the edge of the cliff in the distance.

How many years between bankruptcy filings?

Bankruptcy has a negative connotation or stigma and although it is a great tool to eliminate or consolidate debt, many people find it is too stressful or intimidating to file more than once. Unfortunately, sometimes, it is necessary to file bankruptcy more than once in the debtor's lifetime.

Short Sale and Loan Modifications: What is a "Hardship?"

"Hardship" when negotiating a short sale or loan modification are circumstances that demonstrate a drop in income or an increase in expenses. One of the questions we are asked most frequently is "Do I qualify for a short sale or loan modification?" The answer depends on the homeowner's hardship.

How Do I Make Myself "Look Better" to Qualify for Bankruptcy?

In bankruptcy consultations, we are often asked "What can I do to qualify for bankruptcy?" or the related question "Should I quit my job, get a divorce, incur more debt, etc. to be able to file bankruptcy?"

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