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  • When Bankruptcy Stops an EvictionEpisode 209:When Bankruptcy Stops an Eviction

    In this week’s episode of the Crushing Debt Podcast, I discuss bankruptcy code sections 362(b)(22) and 362(l).

    Why are these sections important? They describe the landlord’s rights when a tenant files bankruptcy. The landlord’s next step after the tenant files eviction is going to be determined by: (a) whether the landlord has a judgment for possession, and (b) what the tenant represents to the Court in the bankruptcy schedules.

    Plus, we need to know whether the debtor filed Chapter 7, Liquidation, or Chapter 13, Reorganization.

    Plus, should the landlord file a Proof of Claim (and what is that)? Should the landlord seek a “Comfort Order” (and what is that)?

    I discuss all of that in this week’s episode of the show.

    Please remember to give our sponsor a look - Attorneys First Insurance at www.AttorneysFirst.com.

    If you have questions for me, please email me at Shawn@YesnerLaw.com or www.YesnerLaw.com. And it would be a great help to me if you would share this week’s show with a landlord that you know.

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