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Tampa Mortgage & Foreclosure Creditor Representation Lawyer

Foreclosure became a national epidemic when real estate values were adjusted to a realistic rate of appreciation. When this happened, many Florida homeowners were unable to take advantage of tools they could have used to save their homes (such as refinancing). Many also lost their liability and credit, which left them unable to sell the house or pocket the equity. Real estate investors were suddenly stuck with houses that did not sell, and the people who lived in these homes were often unable to make payments.

The flailing economy caused many Americans to lose their jobs or income. Although losing a home is one of the most devastating things that can happen, lenders also suffer financial setback when home loans are in default.

In these cases, creditor foreclosure may be the best option.

Although Yesner Law primarily helps homeowners in foreclosure, we also help private lending companies and investors recoup investments and property by initiating creditor foreclosure. We protect creditors in Tampa and throughout Florida by providing legal counsel at every step of the process, including:

  • Drafting mortgages, promissory notes and demand letters
  • Initiating foreclosure actions
  • Assisting with preparation of deed in lieu of foreclosure or loan modification documents
  • Drafting all documents for the closings
  • Handling seller financing

Support For Creditors Throughout The Process

When homeowners refuse to pay mortgages or a property is abandoned, there is typically no other option than to seek legal recourse and foreclose on the property. The assistance of a knowledgeable attorney is necessary to help lenders preserve the real estate. At Yesner Law, we are prepared to assist companies and institutions when creditor foreclosure is on the horizon.

Attorney Shawn Yesner has experience in multiple areas of legal practice, including Florida property law. Creditor foreclosure law in Florida has many complex layers and myths. Navigating these laws can be difficult when well-meaning investors try to work through the process alone.

Protecting Private Lenders, Investors And Creditors’ Rights

Yesner Law is dedicated to arguing for the rights of private lenders and investors and can help provide the vital guidance needed to pursue resolution with the homeowner. When companies must pursue foreclosure or repayment of a mortgage, it is important to follow the letter of the law.

Contact a Tampa mortgage & foreclosure creditor lawyer who understands what private lenders or investors must do to be successful in collecting money that is owed on a private mortgage. Learn more by sending us an email or calling 727-261-0224.

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