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Tampa Debt Lawsuit Defense Lawyer

Drowning in debt is a prospect that many borrowers fear. People in this situation feel like they are “robbing Peter to pay Paul” and it can create a vicious cycle of borrowing and paying without reducing the total debt owed. Regardless of income, or assets, certain individuals live this unfortunate reality. If this situation sounds familiar, schedule a free consultation with our experienced Tampa debt lawsuit defense lawyers today.

When collection calls evolve into actual lawsuits, the threat of garnishment and credit rating devastation becomes very real. Fear of financial ruin, forcibly decreased income and lessened quality of life appear to be inevitable result of this type of legal action. This is when individuals living in Florida need to contact Yesner Law about debt lawsuit defense.

Debt Lawsuit Defense

Yesner Law can help stop the numerous, threatening, and harassing phone calls, and defend individuals facing debt collection lawsuits. Debt collection companies often employ deceptive collection tactics, sometimes using strong-armed threats and harassment to collect funds toward overdue bills. In some cases, the grounds for the lawsuit are questionable, but the fearful defendant is unaware of the improper nature of the collection practices. Yesner Law understands the complex nature of collection lawsuits in Florida and the unfair threats that many people face. That is why Yesner Law is committed to helping everyday people understand their debt lawsuit defense rights within consumer law. Yesner Law helps individuals battle the improper collection practices, and help settle debts that might otherwise be over burdensome. In short, Yesner Law is here to help.

Shawn M. Yesner, licensed since 1998, has experience in many areas of legal practice, including collection and consumer law. Whether individuals are facing lawsuits involving credit cards, hospital bills, mortgage or automobile deficiencies, garnishments, or liens, Yesner Law has the experience that individuals need for a solid plan and debt lawsuit defense.

Contact Yesner Law before debt collectors become abusive, before debt collection lawsuits wreak havoc on hard-earned income and before drowning in debt diminishes your quality of life.

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