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Crushing Debt Podcast

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  • Using Bank Products to Pay Down DebtEpisode 227:Using Bank Products to Pay Down Debt

    You can use bank products to pay down debt and increase your credit score!

    Do you want to learn:

    • What term length loan should you sign when buying a house or a car?
    • How much interest rate REALLY matters?
    • How to structure your finances during this global pandemic?
    • Budgeting when you make a ton of money in one month and not as much the next (variable income)?

    This week’s Crushing Debt Podcast episode is my interview with Christine Peters of www.CornerstoneMoneyCoach.com

    Christine’s mission is to help people manage their personal finances and achieve their financial goals without the stress and frustration.

    Christine uses goal setting, budgeting, monitoring and accountability to help her clients.

    One thing that we discuss, that impressed me is that Christine paid off SIX FIGURES OF DEBT in THREE YEARS!

    You can contact Christine at Christine@CornerstoneMoneyCoach.com.

    If you are a title company or attorney, please contact our sponsor - Sam Cohen at Attorneys First Insurance for a free, non-salesey quote.  Sam@AttorneysFirst.com or www.AttorneysFirst.com.

    I would appreciate if you comment on one thing that you learned, or what you enjoyed about this podcast episode! If you want to contact me directly - Shawn@YesnerLaw.com or www.YesnerLaw.com 


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