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  • Why Wellness is FinancialEpisode 416:Why Wellness is Financial

    Where do you shop for everyday necessities?

    Can you save money by switching to an online shopping club?

    Can you save money by switching stores?

    Can you generate money by shopping?

    Can you use shopping to get out of debt?

    This week George and Shawn talk to Mark Roth with The Patriot Shopping Club. Mark works with the largest online shopping club in North America and can help you to save money and generate income based on where you shop and what necessities you shop for online.

    Mark is a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach, who completed Financial Peace University in 2019. In 2018, Mark was in about $150,000 of debt. Today, Mark is debt free! Personally, Mark is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and a black belt in Tae Kwando. 

    You can connect with Mark at Mark.Roth56@gmail.com, or www.ThePatriotShoppingClub.com/Roth.

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    Please also visit our sponsor Sam Cohen of Attorneys First Insurance for Attorneys and Title Companies looking to get a quote on Errors & Ommissions (malpractice) Insurance coverage. www.AttorneysFirst.com

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    To contact George Curbelo, you can email him at GCFinancialCoach21@gmail.com or follow his Tiktok channel - https://www.tiktok.com/@curbelofinancialcoach 

    To contact Shawn Yesner, you can email him at Shawn@Yesnerlaw.com or visit www.YesnerLaw.com

    The Purple Stride walk is this Saturday, if you're listening on the day of the release. You can join Shawn's fight against pancreatic cancer by joining his team, MY Legacy Striders: http://support.pancan.org/goto/MYLegacyStriders08  (if you're listening after the date of release, you can join our team for next year!)

    If you want to try the Money Max system for becoming debt free, you can visit Shawn's affiliate link at: https://www.moneymaxaccount.com/yesner 

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