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Bankruptcy And Foreclosure

Homeowners facing foreclosure due to difficulties making mortgage payments need not feel alone or helpless. Current economic conditions are forcing many once wealthy individuals into debt. Current trends within Florida show bankruptcies on the rise. In other words, individuals faced with the threat of bankruptcy and foreclosure should not feel ashamed of their economic situation. Furthermore, many individuals who are met with the possibility of bankruptcy and foreclosure can be making a mistake by not seeking legal counsel, as many individuals are not familiar with the intricacies of Florida State Law.

n many situations of bankruptcy and foreclosure the homeowner or individual in debt has legal rights, that in many but not all cases, can be useful in negotiating claims, and in some instances, a debtors case can be dismissed. Seeking legal counsel is of the greatest importance in such scenarios, wherein individuals feel that their debt and or treatment by debtors is possibly being mishandled.

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Options

At a minimum, individuals who are facing bankruptcy or foreclosure should seek consultation from a legal representative, as many consultations are free, as they are with Yesner Law. Banks and debtors depend on individuals to feel threatened and alone. Finding experienced legal council can provide individuals facing foreclosure and bankruptcy with an assurance that they will at the minimum have a voice to which the debtors and banks must communicate; too often individuals in debt crisis feel that their voices are powerless against their debtors.

There exist many options in terms of negotiating with debtors and banks when it comes to foreclosure and bankruptcy. Individuals who are unfamiliar with Florida State law face the potential of being taken advantage of by debtors and banks, and this is not always the case, but the ability to defend oneself with the laws which protect individuals from being forced into situations which are possibly out of their control and outside Florida law is imperative to an individual’s fair treatment.

In the event that an individual must claim bankruptcy or is forced to foreclose, having legal counsel can often deter or prolong bankruptcy or foreclosure, allowing the individual to plan for the future in a timely and sufficient manner. Seeking legal counsel in situations of bankruptcy or foreclosure is often one of the most suitable options for many individuals in times of financial crisis.

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When we meet with clients for their free initial consultation*, one of the first questions we ask is, "What can we do to help?" We listen to our clients' concerns and work with them to build a strategy that meets their legal goals. Learn more about the counsel an experienced Tampa bankruptcy lawyer can provide by scheduling a free consultation. Complete our online contact form or call 727-261-0224.

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